Visual Retailing Software.

Plan, adapt & evolve your stores by sight


SampleRoom, MockShop & ShopShape are your time-saving digital retail showroom resources for your buying team, merchandisers, store managers and more.

It's software that puts the Visual back in to Visual Merchandising.


Our three 3D Visual Retailing applications are designed specifically to elevate your retail store planning, visual merchandising and store communication.

Drive shop-floor sales and merchandising style then take your vision to individual stores for meticulous results – and that all-important ROI. With the option to integrate with your StyleShoots systems and the imagery produced, each piece of software works seamlessly to help take your products from the concept and sample stage through to your shops, stockists and beyond with incredible ease.

MockShop is our visual merchandising software that allows the user to build fully merchandised interactive 3D store and fixture mock-ups. ShopShape provides two-way VM communication to store staff for in-store compliance. Give your teams a complete visual guide to every fixture in the store using real product imagery. 
SampleRoom works with buyers, designers and production teams to visually analyse range data and to create storyboards and range books in minutes.

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MockShop turns business intelligence into a visual. Our software streamlines the visual merchandising process, stomps on miscommunication between staff and head office, and keeps revenue at the forefront of any visual merchandising decision.

  • Easy data import/export. Seamless integration with StyleShoots.

  • Keep profitability front of mind when planning by linking statistics, revenue, margins and more to product images.

  • Drag and drop product images to build beautifully efficient 3D virtual stores and fixtures.

  • Create, share and publish planograms with your team, for a clear, undisputed direction and layout. Exports to PDF or integrates with ShopShape.

  • Gain real-time heat map insights into your store and merchandising.

  • Test an preview your range and POS material first then hot-swap based on real time results.



ShopShape is the best way to manage visual merchandising across multiple stores in real time.

  • Communicate your VM plans effectively with all of your staff via a tablet and the ShopShape app.

  • Integration with MockShop

  • Send clear planogram execution instructions, news, updates and visual guidelines to your store managers.

  • Receive real-time visual feedback, communication and updates from stores.

  • Track compliance, campaigns and instructions from wherever you are – your office, the road or home.

  • Drag and drop function for updates and edits.

  • Conduct store audits, rank store compliance, conduct questionnaires and measure KPIs such as customer journey, health & safety and brand standards.

ShopShape is a vital tool in helping you build a better brand and strategically support sales.



Your digital showroom solution. Designed for buyers and sales teams alike. Visualise collection information, enable the latest information to reach customers quickly and facilitate a smooth wholesale sell-in process.

A new benchmark for fashion wholesale.

  • Assists with conceptualising and planning your collection visually. Helping to avoid gaps to maximise sales. Add product data then filter and display your collection, gaining insights based on important factors such as category, sub-category, price, style and more.

  • Integrates with StyleShoots systems for seamless product image uploads as soon as samples are photographed.

  • Take images from any smart device and upload to SampleRoom as part of your pre-buy overview.

  • Show realistic 3D examples of your collection merchandised with mock-ups of your own stores, shop in shops or your stockists’ fittings. Aiding understanding of your products and shortening the decision-making timeframe for fast sell-ins.

  • Create beautiful custom digital sales catalogues and mood boards with ease.

  • Reduce sampling costs.