The fun way to increase average cart values

How great is this new feature on Culture Kings’ website? This is what ecommerce & social media is all about and it’s a great feature for three reasons: the first is that it suggests products in a creative, interactive way that removes guesswork and keeps people on site for longer. The second reason is that fashion connoisseurs are usually looking for whole outfits - either all at once or looking for pieces to help create outfits from existing wardrobe items. Lastly, this content doesn’t disappear after being generated on site. Customers can share their outfit grid to their followers on Facebook and Instagram with weekly winners being announced. With over 1000 submissions so far under #CKmygrid, we think this is off to a roaring start and it’s all from StyleShoots Horizontal flat lay photography that was going to happen for the website anyway. This is what we call really getting bang for your buck.

Keeping people engaged with your site for longer helps convert customers and you make it easier to purchase when you make it easier to compare similar alternatives. Especially when your on-site feature lets you add the items to a cart.

Now imagine this same user-friendly functionality combined with data-driven personalised product suggestions. The on-site behaviour & customer purchase history combined with inventory data, pricing information, promotions or clearances and product attributes set at the planning & buying stage.

At the planning stage, when you’re building mood boards and carrying those key looks over to storyboards prior to executing your buying strategy, you could look to assign attributes to groups of products then have each product selection made by the website visitor influence the hierarchy of subsequent suggestions.

The more relevant and helpful your suggestions are to the shopping experience, the lower the friction and higher the likelihood of a satisfied customer.

How could you use your images to keep people on site and increase basket sizes?

Sam Clode